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Tobit Roche

Selected works


Born in Manchester in 1954, Tobit Roche's artistic career spans continents, weaving a trail of influences from Britain, Canada, and India during his formative years. 


A graduate of the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, he immersed himself in the artistic realm under the mentorship of family friend Duncan Grant at Charleston, E Sussex, before honing his skills at the venerated Camberwell School of Art.


Tobit splits his time between London's dynamic streets, St Leonards' coastal tranquillity, and India's vibrant landscapes


Tobits' creative practice is a visceral exploration, transcending the very act of observation to encapsulate the essence of the moment – a weaving of weather, light, sky, temperature, and the elusive element of time.


He creates glimpses into ephemeral moments within landscapes. They become the alchemical ingredients for his larger studio paintings, where memory intertwines with imagination. 


With deft strokes, Tobit manipulates paint using both brush and hands, creating layers that gradually unveil the subject's soul. More spiritual journey than an artistic endeavour, this process immerses the viewer in a sublime experience, where time becomes a collaborator, shaping emotions and subconscious impressions.


Upon returning to his London studio, Tobit's creativity transforms these memories into expansive canvases. The Himalayas transcend immediate accuracy here, evolving slowly over weeks and months. Each layer of pigment and texture contributes to a dreamlike abstraction—ranges of ridgelines delicately held by clouds and valleys. Far from the swift lines of his plein air sketches, Tobit's studio paintings acquire the polished depth of lacquer, casting the light upon the mountains in the luminous glow of varnished gold.

By Paul Robinson

Founder of Artlyst

Solo Exhibitions

1983  Carmichael Fine Art, London

1985  Sue Rankin Gallery, London

1987  Leighton House, London

1989  Vipasha Gallery, Masons Yard, London

1993  Vipasha Gallery, Masons Yard, London

1997  Maas Gallery, London

​1999  Maas Gallery, London

​2001  Maas Gallery, London

2002  Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London

​2003  Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London

​2005  Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London

2005  Summerleaze Gallery, Wiltshire (curated by Kelly Ross)

2008  The Art Stable, Dorset

2010  The Art Stable, Dorset

2012  The Art Stable, Dorset

2014  Indar Pasricha Fine Arts, London

2015  Abstracts at Kelly Ross Fine Art, Dorset

2019  Indar Pasricha Fine Arts, London

2022  En Plein Air Exhibition, Rye Art Gallery

2022  ‘Sea & Sky’,  The Art Stable

2023  'Magic Mountains', The Art Stable

​Selected Group Exhibitions

1982  Federation of British Artists, Mall Galleries, London

1983  Langton Gallery, London

1985  International Contemporary Art Fair, Olympia, London

1994  Arts Asia Show, London

1998  ‘Holding the Light’, Harewood House, Leeds

2000  ‘Discerning Eye’ Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

2002  Fine Art and Antiques Fair, Olympia, London (Maas Gallery)

2003  Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London

2004  London Contemporary Art Fair, Islington (Sarah Myerscough Gallery)

2004  Art London, Chelsea (Sarah Myerscough Gallery)

2004  Summerleaze Gallery, Wiltshire

2004  C20th Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London (Wilson Stephens Fine Art)

2005  London Contemporary Art Fair, Islington (Sarah Myerscough Gallery)

2006  London Contemporary Art Fair, Islington (Sarah Myerscough Gallery)

2006  C20th Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London (Wilson Stephens Fine Art) 

2006  Paintings of Hambledon Hill, The Art Stable, Dorset

2006  Toronto International Art Fair, Canada (Sarah Myerscough Gallery)

2007  London Contemporary Art Fair, Islington (Sarah Myerscough Gallery and Wilson Stephens Fine Art)

2008  Group show, Moncrieff-Bray Gallery, Petworth West Sussex

2008  Tobit Roche Landscapes, The Art Stable, Dorset Ludlow Art Fair, Shropshire

2009  Contemporary British Art, The Millinery Works Gallery, Islington

2009  Ludlow Art Fair, Shropshire

2009  A Blast of Colour,Sussex in the Summer, Moncrieff-Bray Gallery, Petworth

2010  Contemporary British Art, The Millinery Works Gallery, Islington

2010  British High Collision, New Delhi, 25 Years of British Artists Painting in India

2012  Art London, Sarah Myerscough Fine Art

2012  The Eastbourne Open, The Towner Gallery, April

2012  The Art Stable, Dorset

2013  Knight-Webb Gallery, Brixton

2015  Himalayan Images and Soundscapes, 7th Mussoorie Writers' Mountain Festival, Mussoorie

2015  40 Years of Painting, Camberwell Students and Teachers, 1945-1985, Belgrave St. Ives Gallery

2016  Moncrieff-Bray Gallery, The Magic of India, Petworth

2018  Knight-Webb Gallery, Brixton

2018  The Art Stable, Dorset

2018  British High Commission, New Delhi

2019  Nicole Farhi and Friends: Baker Mamonova Gallery, Hastings 

2020  Grosvenor Gallery, London

2022  Memo Exhibition, Rye Art Gallery, East Sussex

2022 Armani/Casa, curated by Nick Vinson


For sales enquiries please contact Tobit via email or direct message on Instagram.

Instagram: @tobitroche

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